Kissing a Stranger

You might have seen this video floating around on Facebook, Youtube and othe social networks. It is the pure human chemistry that evolves when kissing a complete stranger. Having met this person for the very first time, couples are put together in front of the camera...not actors, just regular people...and then told to kiss. Suprisingly they are very sincere, passionate and sweet moments....telling moments. This is the complete human need, to be wanted and to want someone else. In relationships, sometimes this gets blurred, it gets tainted by everyday life. All the day is bad and horrible and then your partner gets the brunt of it. What if we just came home and kissed? Like we were strangers, and left all the junk. Just for a few minutes. Just to REALLY kiss. I bet it would melt some of that junk. It would soften our hearts, and THEN...we just might be better communictors, lovers, listeners.


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