Your Body Image and Your Passion, What is Stopping You?

Nobody ...I mean no body is perfect. Yet all of us have those little voices in our head, we look at the models in magazines and in entertainment, even at the gym or at the beach. There is always going to be someone that you think is the "ideal" and more than not, they also see themselves the same way.

The important thing to remember is that no matter what your body looks like to you right now, your confidence and pure passion open up amazing moments of intimacy with your partner. Passion is seeing that other person, feeling the stirring inside your body and the desire to touch, to feel, and to embrace the moment. Then sadly, we stop. We stop and think about what we look like, what we just ate, how we missed the gym too many times, how turning off the lights would be great...but that hinders the connection. Your partner is attracted to YOU, to your very core and all those parts that include how you move, your smell, your voice, your taste. You are a complete package to them.

When you finally feel that freeing moment that says, "let go and just be seduced", then you can close your eyes and really feel. Your confidence will make you sexy, your desire for them makes you sexy and your love for each other takes it to a whole different level. Remember that most of everything you see in media is FIXED. Like this video shows, you cannot trust what you see and you don't know how that person has been taped, nicked, tucked, starved, drugged, or otherwise just good genes. The point is they aren't the total package for YOUR partner.

Try to set the mood for yourself as well as for them. Put on music that makes you feel attractive and saucy, use dim lighting so you are comfortable moving around...candles are always good...take some time for yourself and put on a hot little outfit after a long soak in the bath. Just do whatever makes you feel gorgeous and then keep that feeling all the way into your lovemaking. And hey, if it’s a quick little tumble in the laundry room, then go for it. You are sexy. Just as you are.

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