Sex for the Ages | 20's, 30's, 40's

Let's start with sex in your 20's. Every one is excited to be out on their own, either in college or a fresh new job and usually have a place of their own as well...most of the time. This can get tricky if you don't have your own place and you are always having to go somewhere "exotic" like the car..or quietly in the bathroom...or at your partner's dorm room. Either way this part of your life is exciting. There are discoveries to have, new things to try and a fresh new world! Sometimes.

For most 20 somethings, it is a time of insecurity, branching off of what you have ever been taught and seeing if you want to stick to it, learning your own body and being okay with it, learning how to approach the subject without hurting the other person's feelings if you are having issues, and sometimes many disasters with trial and error.

Every one is different but for most the 20's conclude with finding out whom you are and what you want.

That brings us to the 30's! This is where most people say.."Hey, this is me, take it or leave it.' They find confidence in their sexuality; they learn how to talk "sex" and how to control their movement, their breath, and the touch. 30's are a time where you become the Jedi master and realize you could take it or not because you are perfectly okay giving it to yourself with a glass of wine and a good set of tunes.

Many 30 somethings are in a committed relationship and start having kids; they see sex as a function or a way to keep the relationship ignited. There are times when sex goes on the back burner with career advancement and trips to little Timmy's soccer practice, and laundry, bills, dishes..yada yada. There are also the 30 somethings that are just getting out of a relationship with that high school sweetheart or whomever stole their heart, and now they want to go crazy and break free! This is when they decide that all that they missed in their 30's has to be caught up to and they experiment and try new things and sometimes new sexes.

Overall 30's are a time of sexual confidence and focus.

And then there are the 40's! This is the time when you have money; time and the kids are old enough not to need you so much if at all. You have less stress and your career is in a steady pace with life on cruise control. That is when sex can become really fun or because you were so tied up in your 30's with "stuff" you kind of forgot how to get it on with the kids all out of the house!

40 somethings start to pay more attention to themselves with grooming, appearance, age preservation and can kick start a long lasting relationship with fresh "new" zest or it can be a time when the relationship is really tested and that bond still remains.40's can also be a where medical help or diet and exercise play a huge roll in keeping the sex drive alive and the energy level at the pace your mind wants it to go! Changes start to happen and confidence can falter if a supportive partner does not understand.

Overall 40's are a time of sexual changes and refreshment of the soul.

At any age sex is as evolving as the seasons of your life, the state of your hormones and the person you share your bed with. Wherever you are in your sexual journey, savor it and remember that it is a beautiful thing.

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