Music and Sex | Better or Worse?

Music in the bedroom is a very personal thing. It can either help with the sexual mood or hinder it. We have all seen the movies or TV shows where the "ladies' man" flips a switch and boom, the lights are dim and the "get it on" music turns on. Oh yes, it's usually jazz right? There is a reason for that! Did you know that people who listen to jazz have 34% more sex, then it's pop music and the least amount of sheet rolling goes to classical listeners. (Source)

When music is played you have a chemical reaction that happens in the body and the brain changes bringing you into the feeling or emotion that you associate with that song. Sometimes it could be the type of music, or it could be a sentimental song that reminds you of your love, or it could be suggestive and brings ideas into your head.

On the flip side, music could also ruin the moment. If say your least favorite kind of music played like loud heavy death metal or derogatory rap music was pumping while you were trying to feel comfortable, you probably would shut down and either turn it off or just walk away. Sometimes the best way to know what your partner likes is playing a few types and asking if they feel more relaxed with one or the other. Finding a happy medium is the best for both of you and can enhance sex. If you hear the music and it lets you be a little more creative in bed, or you get into the song and find yourself being more confident, it can definitely increase your sex drive and your partner's as well.

Just make sure you have music on that doesn't break for commercials! Major buzz kill. ;)

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