What Was Sexy in the 1940's?

Before Marylin had her iconic "wind in her skirt" scene, the women of the 1940's were already having fun with the wind machine. Sexy was classy, men and women dressed to impress and took good care to be original and have a bit of mystery.

It was the thrill of seeing a bit of skin when that just wasn't acceptable, having beautiful legs revealed slowly with high stockings to peel off and zippers to slide down. The art of undressing was sensual and became a type of seductive foreplay. The hair pins let out soft waves and buttons popped open to reveal beautiful curves and forbidden flesh.

The men of the 1940's dressed sharp and had thick hair manicured and well groomed. They worked out in fitted shorts and revealed chiseled chests and healthy bodies. Sexy men were considered the type that could take care of a lady and was a true gentleman, they knew how to really dance and they could master the art of seduction with a few martinis and a planned night out.

Sexy couples were in love and showed affection, kissing was valued as a way to show what was to come later; an unspoken language communicating the connection.

Women had just started getting into the work force and were becoming a stronger force in equality and career. Women were just starting to be able to reveal their bodies, their sultry eyes, their pin up poses...sensuality was becoming more acceptable.

Men were finishing the last of the war and between business and fashion, the average man was in uniform or came home to get involved in the growing economy. The confidence of this new start for many of them showed a new passion for life.

Every era has it's unique way of having timeless sex appeal, the same is seen in the 1940's.

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