Facebook Official! - When did commitment start on social media??

We have all heard it, "We are totally a couple now, he made it Facebook official and said we are in a relationship! He even tagged me so everyone knows it's me." Uh huh. That's great.

What happened to just communicating the fact that you both want to move forward with a committed relationship and now you both TRUST that everyone on social media doesn't have to know for it to be OK.

Before social media was it really that hard to know if the other person was ready to just be with you? I have dated guys that are pretty sure in the beginning after a few dates and just say, "so I am not interested in dating anyone else, I am all about you.." and you agree to keep going and that is that. One relationship we didn't even say it, he didn't even have a Facebook for about a year after we started dating. Yet somehow we both knew we were committed and so did our friends...amazing right!? Not really, but todays society is all about posting everything to everyone for their 600+ "friends" to comment and LIKE. It is as if we all need approval for everything we do and say. The crazy thing is, I have caught guys cheating who said they were in a relationship on Facebook because "cheaters be cheatin' ". In other words, just because they put "in a relationship" on Facebook does not mean that a cheating type of person is going to let that stop them.

It is a false sense of security that is mainly for the other person's confidence or lack thereof. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great when you are proud of the one you are with, you want to share it with the world and you want others to know who they are, your true love...but just don't make it the main way you communicate with them or the world. I know that if my close friends posted "in a relationship with Blah Blah Blah" before they told me about it on the phone or in person, I would be very concerned. One, my friends are like me and like to talk and share on a more personal level and two, it's just bad form. Those kind of big decisions, important news and juicy details should be shared with close friends first.

Guys....hmmm, they are different. They are like, "ya she tagged me and I was like, sure okay". In other words it isn't as huge as girls make it out to be, from my experience. However some guys are the first to go for it! I once had a guy tag me for "in a relationship" before he even asked me to be his girlfriend! I was like, "woa there skippy, I'm not ready yet!" and he completely caught me off guard. The pressure was sitting there on my screen saying WILL YOU ACCEPT and I had to pick a yes or no! There was no button for "let's think about it". That was a sign he was a no-go and ya he turned out to be horrible at communication and quick to pull the trigger.

Point is, talk first, communicate with the people you care about and communicate with your partner, then you can feel comfortable and proud when it goes "official".

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