Soul-mate Connection - Is there or isn't there one?

Soul-mates, the concept is beautiful yet frightening isn't it? There is a soul that connects to yours in a flowing, electrical way that cannot be broken no matter the hurt or differences. Can you have more than one soul-mate? Are there soul-mates? This is a question that the optimist- hopeful believes, the pessimist -realist ignores and the average person ponders. The spiritual connection you have with a person, does it exist in this realm or does it exist in the here and now?

Many questions; only a person who has fully experienced it can answer. Luckily I have had the experience of two soul-mates. One from the past and one for the future. This is strictly my own experience and opinion from what I have felt, but I am also a very open and spiritual soul. I think my best friend who has a girlfriend has also found her soulmate, her one true love that has completed and made her a whole person. I have seen my parents love and be in love with each other for 45 years, yes they are soulmates. I know this as I have seen them go through thick and thin and have nurtured eachothers' SOUL regardless of age, body type, sickness, rage, etc.

When I met my first soul-mate I was only 14 years old and he was a free spirit just as I was. But there was a connection there that has lasted since then that has shown fear, love, doubt, anger and other emotions over many miles without saying a word. It was more like a feeling, a transition of energy passed from one soul to the other. But that soul shut down, he blocked his flow and he chose a path of solitude so that he would never feel pain...or love. So I cut it off.

The second soul-mate is a man I have melted into since I met him. He can breathe energy into my chest with his hand and his focus, he can talk to me in my dreams and tell me how he feels, I can feel his urges in my gut to contact him and there is an emotional link that is undeniable. This was so unbelievable to me, that someone like this could exist, my other half. My dark to his light and vice versa. We can talk without speaking, just a look can convey it, as long as we are open.

I think many people will never experience their soul-mate because they can never be open with the thought, the feeling, the way that this could possibly be real. I know that many feel connected to their other half, but not spiritually connected on a level unknown to their mind. I would urge you to meditate on this, to be still, to connect with that soft white light inside your mind that helps you reach out to the other person. You can do this through fully being present while making love, really feeling their breath and energy, by listening to their heart when they talk and by leaving your own self behind and seeking the company of their warm soul. Just try it.

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