History of Sex - Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating history of sexual symbolism, erotica, spirituality and religion. From discoveries of ancient wall depictions to erotic papyrus drawings, the ancient Egyptians have shown us what their strong beliefs and passion for sex was to their society.

Many of the artifacts were mutilated or covered showing the large erections, the sexual favors and positions in the Victorian era when these images were considered unsightly to the public eye. But today we are more than fascinated and curious as to what happened in those hot Egypt nights between queen, king, workers and everyone in-between!

Such images like sensual graffiti of the queen having sex with her secret lover on the wall of a cave of an abandoned tomb, many phallic symbols, codes and illustrations of fertility and sex and descriptions of fantasies have helped scholars see the true sexual life of an ancient Egyptian.

Like today, many of the sexual acts surrounded alcohol, lotus (narcotics) flowers, music, dancing and young women around well-endowed men. Their gods were based on birth and re-birth and the sexual act was essential into getting into the next life and being born again.

Symbols like the bow and arrow symbolized the penis erect and ejaculation as it flew off, the falcon representing a woman on top of the man's erect penis pleasuring him. There was one of two men in an intimate embrace, a couple having sex with him coming inside her from behind while she is in a chariot to symbolize power and a woman pleasuring herself on a pointed pot while putting lipstick on.

Another interesting fact was that the women had tattoos of a dotted belt around their waist as a protection for the baby and a symbol of fertility while they rattled a chime that symbolized the presence of Hathore the goddess of spiritual and physical love. The dotted belt combined with the chimes is very similar to the belly-dancing belt in sound and shapes that is considered to be a charm in luring men into the women's hips and further.

Workers would find flat pieces of flagstone and draw intimate figures having sex in multiple positions including one of the most favorite; the woman with her legs around the man's neck while he enters her with his long shaft. Some of the fantasies recorded often spoke of women emerging from the Nile river wet, with their clothes clinging to their bodies and their breasts exposed. Not too different from fantasies today.

The ancient Egyptians surely had just as much lust and passion as present society but maybe even more because of the value it had on the gods, the afterlife and sustaining life in Egypt.

Source: History Channel, Sex in the Ancient World

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