Love Languages: Which One is Yours?

There are many different ways to show and receive love; by body movements, words, actions and of course by telling each other. However there are specific 'Love Languages' that are known that fill the other person in a special way that is specific to them. These five love languages inspired by the author Gary Chapman are Touch, Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Quality Time and Acts of Service. Here is a fun quiz to help you see what your love language might be!

1. When you are having a bad day, what would cheer you up the MOST?

A: A long make-out session

B: Coming home to the house cleaned for you

C: A fun date out

D: A shopping spree courtesy of your love

E: A card with lots of funny and loving words

2. When you are feeling a little down about yourself what makes you feel gorgeous?

A: A massage from your love

B: Your car washed and detailed for you

C: A night out dancing and drinking with your love

D: A gift to the spa all day from your honey

E: Flattering compliments

3. Feeling awkward at a party of strangers you feel more safe when,

A: Your partner has their arm around you

B: Your partner takes you around the room and introduces you

C: Your love starts to dance with you and talk in your own little world

D: Your love pulls out a beautiful scarf from his/her pocket as a gift to make you smile

E: Your love tells you to relax and have fun with a smile

4. You are sick and in bed healing, what makes you smile the most?

A: Your partner holds you and rubs your back

B: Your love gets you medicine, popsicles, tissues and a funny movie

C: You get the promise of tickets to a concert and a fun time once you get well

D: You are covered with a new soft blanket as a gift to feel better

E: You get a love note under your pillow to wish you well

5. You are going out with your friends, what makes you respect your lover more?

A: A long kiss before you leave

B: "I'll do the dishes for you while you are out"

C: Your lover coming with you and having fun with your friends

D: You are wearing a new top that your partner gave you to go out in

E: "Have a great time and I love you"

6. It's your birthday...what makes you the most excited?

A: Lots of hugs, kisses and loving touches all night from your lover

B: All your chores done for you for a month

C: A road trip with your lover

D: A big expensive present

E: A long love letter from your partner

7. You are running late to work, what makes you feel loved the most?

A; A long hug and lots of kisses out the door

B: A breakfast burrito shoved in your hand with a coffee to go from your partner

C: A promise that you will get to have a romantic dinner and talking by the fire when you get home

D: Using your new Keurig your love gave you to get a quick cup of tea

E: Finding love notes all over the kitchen as you are on your way out

8. You just got a promotion at work, what would make you feel celebrated the most?

A: A long night of sex, touches, kisses and strokes

B: The garage cleaned out for you and your workout stuff set up like you always wanted

C: A weekend trip with lots of quality time with your love

D: A really cool gift you always wanted

E: An email from your love describing how proud they are of you and all your amazing qualities

9. You are at dinner for the first time with your partner's parents, what makes you feel most at ease?

A: Holding hands with your love under the table

B: That your love pulled out the chair for you and ordered your favorite dish for you

C: Your love taking you aside and spending some one on one time with you

D: Fingering your new ring you just got from your partner before you left

E: Your love telling their parents how great you are and how in love they are with you

10. You just got back from the gym, what surprise would wow you the most?

A: Getting all of your sweaty clothes stripped off in the hall and getting completely loved on

B: All your laundry done, the house clean and the bills paid so you can relax

C: Your bags packed and a ticket to Fiji for some quality time waiting for you with your love

D: A new pet you always wanted sitting there with a bow

E: Beautiful words about you on paper all over the house telling you how awesome you are

Answer Guide....

Mostly A's: You are all about the Touchy Touchy. Touch gives you comfort, makes you feel safe and makes you feel loved the most.

Mostly B's: You love Acts of Service to ease your stress. When someone does things for you out of their kindness and thoughtfulness of your time it makes you feel loved.

Mostly C's: You adore Quality Time! The more time you get with your love, talking, laughing and enjoying each other one on one, the more you feel loved.

Mostly D's: You feel loved when you get Gifts! When that special someone thinks of you and knows what you like, it makes you feel loved and cherished.

Mostly E's: You crave Words of Affirmation. The more wonderful words of love, admiration, adoration and charm that you get on a regular basis, the best you feel cared for.

All of the above equal...well you are an equally balanced person that likes a little bit of everything in regular doses.

Be sure to have your partner take the test and show them your results so you can love one another in the most fun-fulfilling ways.

*This test is for fun and curiosity, by no means is it a diagnosis or answer to all of your love-life issues.

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