FUN QUIZ - What is your SEX animal??

Have you ever wondered why frogs mate by having their tummies connecting, swimming about holding each other and croaking up a storm. I always did listening to it non-stop in my room as my two firebelly toads went at it every night! I watched curiously as an 11 year old trying to figure out what the heck they were doing. Later in high school I found out in marine biology quite clearly. My teacher also told us how a different animal or bug had sex everyday before class to get conversation going. She was a cool lady. So here is a fun quiz to see what YOUR sex animal may be - your inner most primal sex creature!

1. Do you like having sex better...

A - In a wet environment like the hot tub or shower?

B - Out in the fields with open space and grass blowing?

C - Out camping in the privacy of your tent or cover of trees?

D - Up in the air on an airplane or skyscraper?

2. Do you make noises while having sex that are closest to...

A - Swooshing or gurgling

B - Growling or purring

C - Howling or moaning

D - Shrieking or whistling

3. Is your sex lust tendency more like....

A - You get a primal urge and want to bite or nibble

B - You want to claw and latch on

C - You want to dominate and hover over the top of your lover

D - You are all over the place in multiple positions

4. After you have sex is your yearning to...

A - Take off and see what else is going on in life

B - You want to cuddle and lay closely next to each other

C - You want to kiss and use your tongue a lot

D - You want to go to sleep and are very tired

5. Activities you LOVE to do outside of sex...

A - Swimming or Diving

B - Jumping, Climbing or Wrestling

C - Running, Hiking or Hanging out with A lot of Friends

D - Skydiving, traveling by air or Extreme Sports


If you picked mostly A's...


Sharks typically bite their mate and thrust their fin in while getting a good grip deep in the sea ! You are an aggressive lover but you also like to be smooth and cunning in bed, luring your partner in and really taking control with passion!

If you picked mostly B's...


Lions lovvvve to mate and do so often when it's that time! They roar and moan and lick and nibble and roll around and cuddle. You are a cuddler and a passionate one who likes to have sex a lot but you are pretty loud and are not ashamed to roar or be out in open spaces.

If you picked mostly C's...


Wolves mate quite often as well and they nuzzle and rub each other and they go for a lonnnng time! You are a social person who likes to go after many different lovers or many different types of love making. You are a howler and a heavy breather and you prefer enclosed spaces opposed to being out in the open.

If you picked mostly D's...


Eagles actually mate by courting in the air all over the place, do a special fall together like skydiving that locks talons and then they land and mount that actaully connects them in mating. They do a lot of shrieky chirping and wing flapping as well. You enjoy the exhilaration of sex and court your lover, warming them up well before you have sex. You like the freedom they give you and you are a shrieker when you hit climax!

So now that you have your sex animal, go have some fun you wild beast!

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