The Friend Zone - Do's and Don'ts!

We all know about the "Friend Zone". It is the place where you have been put when someone you are crushing on says "Let's just be friends" and continues to really like you and act flirty and endearing, but they don't like you 'like that'.

So what are the "Dos" and "Don'ts" and why should you know these? Well if you actually want to get out of the friend zone then you should listen up! These may get you into the 'Love Zone' instead! Or, it will confirm that this person is really not your match. Either is good to know and will give you the confidence to just be friends and put your own boundaries up.

DO keep being their friend with respect and don't make it creepy or awkward by saying or acting like you are out of sorts by their decision.

DON'T completely ignore them and drop out of their life because they actually do REALLY want to be your friend.

DO find common interests and goals that you can do together and be confident in yourself.

DON'T lie, act fake or be aloof with them and try to make them feel something they don't feel.

DO love who you are and be okay with the fact they your crush is not into it. Timing is everything and it may just not be the right time or the right person!

DON'T keep at it and make them feel like they need to hide from you so you stop crushing and trying to get them to like you back.

DO keep yourself busy with other friends, activities and things that make you awesome. Those confidence building things could bring you into their adoring eyes, or you could meet your true soul mate doing something you love and being yourself.

Remember that whoever you end up with should like you for YOU and you shouldn't have to change, workout more, change your hair, pick up an unwanted hobby or other fake things to get them to notice you in a romantic way. Ultimately your lover will be your best friend too.

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