Colors that Turn You On!

What colors excite you when you see them? Do you ever wonder why you always pick the same blue dress or that same black jacket for your first date? What draws you to certain colors that make you feel good? Here are some proven reactions to color analyzed my marketing companies that excite us, make us feel cozy, command attention or just plain put a smile on our face.

RED - Makes you feel excited, energetic, alive and increases your heart rate! No wonder red heads are so popular!

BLACK - Makes you feel sophisticated, edgy, authoritative, independant and sleek. That's why every woman has a little black dress.

BLUE - Makes you feel calm and cool, safe and secure. Blue eyes can be mesmerizing and lure in anyone!

GREEN - Makes you feel rested, at peace and mellow or one with nature. That army jacket will calm her right down and keep a chill night feeling kick back.

YELLOW - Makes you either feel cheerful and optimistic or completely irritated. I am assuming the irritation is from so much glare bouncing off of her happiness beaming from her sunny dress!

PURPLE - Makes you feel comforted, assured and spiritual. So those yoga classes of you behind those purple yoga pants in downward dog should make you feel very zen!

ORANGE - Makes you feel bold, extreme, commanding and out for attention. Orange lips demand attention for kissing!

WHITE - Makes you feel quiet, innocent and clean. Maybe that is why ladies love bad boys in white. It's naughty and nice all mixed in!

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