How does your Environment Support your Love Life? Tips to make it better!

When you are laying in your bed and you look around your bedroom, do you feel like your environment is cozy, modern, kick back, bohemian? Our environment actually shows a lot about our personality, how we want to feel every morning and evening when we are nestled in, what our likes and priorities are and can actually nurture your love life!

1. Bed

You bed is where you sleep but is it big enough for two? Is it comfortable with the pillow type your love prefers, are the colors and design neutral enough to be appealing to both of you or does your bedspread shout "stay away, this is hello kitty land!!!". Sometimes when you have older sheets with tears and holes, dull spots, stains, small one person blankets, etc... it isn't very inviting nor does it scream romance. Try to freshen up your bedding with some stuff you both like, add some pillows with different firmness and create a loving place to rest so you wake up happy and feeling good.

2. Supporting Storage

What is supporting storage you ask? It is that little place on the counter that supports your love's toothbrush, smelly stuff, make-up, bathroom goodies and such that they bring over or leave over at your place. If you live together this is very important, to have equal amounts of storage to support and respect your lover's possessions and needs. Ample space in the closet, a nightstand, drawers in the dresser, a shelf on the bookshelf, etc. When you make space for your special someone, they feel appreciated and respected and more a part of your home and your future.

3. Decorative Zen

Coming into your space are all of your walls blank and white? Do they have holes in them, scratches, broken blinds, stained door frames, crude posters, flowery wallpaper, or other things that may turn off your lover? Think of when you walk into a beautiful resort suite and how when you enter the space you feel special, important and relaxed! Creating a space within your personality but delightful to the eye, the soul and the mind can really bring zen and peace to your relationship! When you are talking, there isnt' an uncomfortable edge but a relaxed state of mind which helps avoid fights and encourages more love making!

Environment really does change one's state of mind, how they feel and creates a bubble of either discomfort or comfort. Talk about it with your partner and make sure that compromises are fair and neither person is losing who they are in "decorative dominance" from the other person.

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