Top 5 HOT Noises in Bed!

When you are squirming and writhing and getting those waves of ecstasy...what noises do you make? Do your noises turn your partner on, do you care, do you hold back, do you like their noises? Here are the top 5 noises in bed the majority loooooovvvves that not only turns them on but gets them to that "o" face!

1. Deep moaning intermittently.

Men and women love it when their partners moan in a deep throaty way, intermittently as they feel certain parts, certain rushes of pleasure and certain orgasmic waves. Intermittently is used only because some feel that continuous moaning can be contrived as "fake" or not genuine to the emotion or true reaction you feel. Also it can be annoying, sort of like if a cat meowed straight for a long continuous howling!

2. Breathy gasps.

Couples explain that "breathy gasps" tend to exude primal and deep pleasure as if the other person was taking their breath away in the feelings and emotions they were giving during sex. The heat of their breath and the pursing of the lips combined with the gasps usually is a sexy picture indeed!

3. Purring or soft growls.

Deep throat purring that happens naturally when a person is turned on or is orgasming, is a true sign of ultimate pleasure and satisfaction as well as a soft growl which lets out a passionate spark through their partner. These noises are similar to a sexual prowess that is completely engulfed in the moment.

4. Whimpers or high moans Intermittently.

Again you wouldn't want to hear a long drawn out whimper or high pitched moan, but here and there when you hit that special "spot", it creates a cue that the other person is doing a good job! The sound is like a cheer to keep going and can be a big turn on.

5. Dirty talk.

Well you knew this was coming! No pun intended... Dirty talk is that simple yet powerful switch that can either raise the heat or blow it out cold. This is a good one to talk to your partner about first and see what they like and what makes them uncomfortable. Saying little naughty things that boost the other person up and open them up to more of a sensual playfulness can be very bonding, but doing it crudely or in a demeaning manner can make your lover get up and leave! Walk that line and make sure you stay on the good side of that fence.

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