Evolution of Sex in Media Part One

Part One - Evolution of Sex in Media

Sex in media has drastically changed over the last few decades. With the creation of the television and then internet the combination is an instant gratification nation where anything you desire can be viewed and absorbed.

On YouTube alone the amount of videos you can watch for free without the censorship of the past is astounding. Television couldn't even show toilets or two people sleeping in the same bed back when it first came out, but now sex is the main selling point for every product.

Back in the 50's sex was supposed to be secret and functional and only the people whom were looked down upon actually "liked" sex! Yet many of the picture perfect couples that graced the lawn behind the picket fence longed for the same passion and desires as any other human.

Dating all the way back to ancient times, sex has been seen as an act of spirituality, of religion, of power, of beauty, with artwork and sculptures created to honor it. Only our society's ever changing view on the human body and sociology have changed things over time. The different religions, different leaders, acceptance of different sexes and open sexuality, of not being ashamed and feeling proud, have all contributed to the changing tides.

There is a balance that is played between respect, morality, confidence and security versus skanky, over zealous, needy, disrespectfulness, insecurity and crudeness. The media likes to play both parts to get the public's attention and is moving towards a new generation of sexual trends.

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