Sexual Evolution in Media - Part Two

The progression of sex in media has crossed over into many animals. There are blatant displays of sex in ads and commercials on television, there is sex in reality shows and movies, sex in books (eh with greys in it maybe?) and many other modern versions such as the blatant use of a hot guy or gal on the cover of magazines or billboards.

A new trend that is hitting the waves of YouTube and other social media are the subconscious displays of either the word "sex" hidden in images for the public, or acts of sex subliminally placed so you don't notice it right off the bat.

These are making big waves since many are in everyday ads such as car advertisements, or children's cartoons and illustrations. What do you think of this subliminal tactic by companies? Are they trying to get us to be attracted to it with the idea deep in our minds that sex will be the end result, or are they just being cheeky? Check them out and see for yourself...


Is bread creating life now?

A lions gotta get what a lion needs I guess.

Maybe this is where Brittany got her idea from...Jessica Rabbit!

Those are either VERY knobby knees or someone is happy to see the couple on 'The Little Mermaid'!

#sexinmedia #hiddensexinads #sexinmoderntimes #subconscioussexdisplays

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