Online Dating - Sexual Harassment Online is Finally Getting "Outed"

If you haven't created an online dating profile, then you may just find this blog interesting and can feel sorry for your friends who do have one, only because sorting though the grime is ten times worse when trying to find your "prince charming".

With the onslaught of dating sites, some of which we have highlighted as great ways to find a mate, there are many issues with the unfiltered and harassing messages people get. Especially women. There have even been scoffers that think the ladies have it easy online, set up fake profiles to prove it and shut them down quickly after a barrage of harassing and disgusting messages they get only minutes into making their profile. (Source)

Many of the messages are coming from either being ignored or turned down, even in a polite flips a switch and even the self proclaimed 'good guys' get nasty, calling the other user names, wishing them threating consequences and cruel jabs at their appearance.

Why does this happen online? For one, the only consequence so far has been a flagged account in which they may get banned. However they can always just create a new email, name and photo and get right back on, or go to one of the many other sites out there. They also feel like they can get away with it and go on to the next victim.

So with that, many girls thankfully can see their true nature, but have had to suffer through the harassment which you would barely ever find in a typical dating scenario. Thankfully there is a lady by the name of Alexandra Tweten, striking back and has created 'Bye Felipe' which posts these horrible messages in plain site to warn other daters, shun the messengers and create awareness for sexual harassment and why it should be handled in a more consequential way! Take a read of the many that are posted through Instagram and see for yourself. INSTAGRAM for 'Bye Felipe'.

In the meantime, stay safe on those online dating sites, keep in mind your privacy and don't let those horrible messages get to you, create awareness and know that you deserve respect, honor, space and understanding. There is a wonderful match for you out there that will be as loving as you need them to be.

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