What to get your honey for the holidays?

Christmas Eve is fast approaching! Only two more days until the most celebrated holiday of the year! Are you conflicted on last minute gifts? Many people are and wait until the very day before to get their honey something special. Here are some great ideas to help you out, some that are even FREE!

1. Massage Voucher

This gift is popular with anyone. Getting a massage from the person you love makes you feel cared for, attended to and comfortable. There probably isn't a person alive that doesn't have some sore spot, tension or area that could use a little TLC. So throw in some homemade or bought massage vouchers that give a time limit and make your honey swoon.

2. Detailed Date Map

This is a map that plans out a specific date at a specific time. You can lay out the map, draw out where you are going to take them, where you are going to stop, what date you are going, how many hours you will need of them, etc. Throw in pamphlets or tokens of where you will be stopping, add an accessory (like if you were going ice-skating you could put in earmuffs) and follow through.

3. Scavenger Hunt Gift

Add the first clue in the package under the tree, then make them search all throughout the house for different clues! Add one to the tree, the stocking, the mistletoe, etc. When they finally get to their present they will truly appreciate it!

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