How to Fend off Post Holiday Blues in the Bedroom

So the recycling bin is overflowing with wrapping paper and boxes, the lights are down and the adrenaline rush to the holidays is now a slow and sleepy fog that you wake up in. You have heaps of family still sleeping on every available soft surface, you have been to the grocery store more times in a week than you usually go in a whole month and your love life is just a little waning.

How do you fend off post holiday blues in the bedroom? We have the answers right here to get you back on track! Try these out and get out of that candy crusted fog and into the hot sexy seat again!

1. Make sure you spend some extra TLC time alone.

Even if you have guests, if you have plans or a house full of kids on vacation, try locking that bedroom door and taking an extra 15 minutes to snuggle "awake" in bed together, or bow out 15 minutes early before crashing and get some kissing in to recharge your intimate battery.

2. Sneak it in where you can.

That means in the shower, you have to take one anyways so use it to your advantage and get frisky with the suds, spend some "extra time" doing laundry together with the door locked, take a detour together and 'park' on the way back from the store and get in that well deserved love making!

3. Keep the thoughtfulness coming..

The gifts are all gone and the excitement is deflated, but then you find a love note under your pillow thanking you for all the hard work you did. Warm fuzzies commence! Make sure you are being thankful and still showing loving gestures even when you are tired and worn out. After all, it is the season for love!

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