Sex and Love New Year's Resolutions

So you popped that champagne, you kissed at midnight and the next day you felt like a new you! Right? Come on, new year, new you, full of love and sex and all the good fuzzies with a successful relationship! Not feelin' it yet? Still hung over? We got you covered, check out these sure to pep your resolution rut right into gear!


These are great not only for seeing your goals everyday, keeping them in the forefront of your mind and helping you visualize your dreams, but it keeps you on task and helps you from wandering off into to no man's land. Grab some posterboard, cut out some amazing pictures of what you want your relationship to be, add strong words like "humble", "forgiving", "fearless", "connection" and place your board somewhere that when you look at it, it can be a constant inspiration.

2. Set some goals TOGETHER.

If you are in a relationship, now is the time to sit down and map out some great goals as a couple. Start with five and add on throughout the year. Write things in bold and place it on the fridge or on your desk. Add big ones and little ones such as (1. Trip to the snow for anniversary) or (2. Kiss before bedtime every night). The little ones can add up just as much as the big ones!

3. Find a bonding hobby to do, and actually DO IT.

We see those dusty snowboards under the laundry! Break out and really do a hobby together that is challenging and bonding. Try entering in a 5K, train together and reward each other when you complete it with a healthy dinner out. Start a game night and do tournaments with other couples to get real prizes! Just stay consistent and watch the memories groooowww.

4. GIVE together to a great cause.

Find a cause you can both get into like Special Olympics, the Autism Walk or a Breast Cancer fundraiser and pledge to volunteer your time and effort into helping others in need. Seeing each other love people regardless of differences is a great bonding quality while truly being unselfish.

5. MORE sex.

This can be QUALITY or QUANTITY or both! You only live on this planet for so long, let go and start giving into your desires, your fantasies, your kinky side, whatever! Just be more open and commit to each other that it is not just for your own self pleasure, but to give more to your partner means better sex for both of you! Every. Single. Time.

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