Top 5 Romance Movies of 2014

What a great year for true love and great sex! So many more great flix to come out in 2015 but for now we are going to go over some of the top romance movies of the year! If you like a bit of humor, some real good acting and a great story...and some great smooch action...check these out!

1. That Awkward Moment

This movie starring Zach Efron, Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots and Jessica Lucas has that great balance of fantastic humor that is off the cuff and original, a decent story with the right amount of charm, and some great sex scenes. There is a group of guys that decide to be single for awhile to "bond" while they feel they are in their prime, but then along comes some unexpected true loves and the whole crew has to shimmy their way around the bros and love and the sticky stuff inbetween.

2. What If

This quirky love story stars David Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in a light and beautiful story of two friends that show how the perfect love can come in that person you just can't live everyday without in your life. Radcliffe in his awkward charm and Kazan being the innocent and honest love interest have a great chemistry and the ending is a nice surprise.

3. Begin Again

This star studded romance is very different and has no expected turnouts but teaches some great life lessons. Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo are the main characters and develop a loving friendship that teaches them to appreciate the relationships they have and don't have. Musically harmonious throughout the film the honest and raw way the emotions come out of the actors gives this film a great balance.

4 & 5 Catching Fire and Mocking Jay Part One

I can't help but not include this chunk of this epic series that comes from the acclaimed books 'The Hunger Games'. Jennifer Lawrence has lit up the world with her performance and humble and raw love for 'Pita' that started with a very survival intention and grew into a deep bond that has grown very intense. Even if you are not into the actual films, check out the books because the depth of the story and the "games" that are being played all around the love story are complex and inventive. We can't wait to see the last one coming up this New Year!

Date Movies...go grab one if you haven't seen these and snuggle up. They are all worth a great night together and will inspire you for later on! ;)

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