Top 5 Signs of Marriage Material

You are deep in love, or maybe just started dating but you are looking for the "one". That person that says "I do" and sticks around for all time. You have the itch and there just hasn't been any signs...or have there been? Here are some tips on the 5 signs your love is marriage material!

1. They think of others first

This person holds the door for you and for the sweet old lady right behind you. They make sure you are warm by giving you their coat, they smile at people they don't know to be friendly, they say "bless you" when complete strangers sneeze and they gently roll the ball back to the kid who dropped it at the store. This person doesn't just do thoughtful things for you, but also spreads that 'pay it forward' attitude to others.

2. They are dynamite in bed

You are completely satisfied with your love life in the bedroom and they are just as giving as you are! There is an equal balance of offerings, there is depth and connection, passion and chemistry and lots of love and orgasms.

3. They are responsible

You are feeling a bit tipsy and need to lean on that wall, they stop drinking and get into a mode of watching out for you and sobering up to drive home. They balance their checkbook right, pay their bills, have goals and plans for the future that involve you, have equal and giving dreams that don't cut you out and see things through to completion.

4. They bend a little

Compromise is important so that one person doesn't push their power around, but it has to go both ways and bending a little for each other is a great character trait. There is a loving heart in wanting the other person to be happy and if both people want that for the other person then the bending is done in a way that feels right and you can be happy meeting in the middle.

5. Best friends forever

This person is excited to have you in their circle, they want you to meet all of their friends and close family, they share their secrets with you and want to pull you into all of their activities. There is a comfortable energy where you can be yourself, laugh at anything, be honest, have real conversations, open discussion on touchy topics, work as a team and cry in their arms. Ultimately, this person is your best friend.

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