Tips for 'Travel Sex' - Don't leave home without them!

We put a lot of road trips on our best date ideas, some great scavenger hunts, get-aways and overall fun ways to get away with your love, but what about 'en route'? While you are traveling sex can get tricky. You are tired, in the middle of no where in your car, on an airplane, at your Great Aunt Sally's with porcelaine dolls staring at you from your rose covered can get overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you keep that fire going even as your travel!

• Bring Clean Up Tools

As you are cruising you don't always have a clean bathroom around the corner, so bring some wet wipes and put them in your bag or glove compartment, a small hand towel, fresh deodorant and hand sanitizer ( only for the hands!!! ). When you are done doing the dirty in the back seat in the middle of route 66, cleaning up and feeling fresh is easy!

• Bring a Light Sheet

Say What? Roll up a light sheet about queen size and store it in your car or bag. When you are in the car you can cover the windows by rolling them down, tucking out the sheet and rolling them back up for added privacy. When you are sleeping in Great Aunt Sally's bed, you can lay it down and be sure that no mess will be left on her rose covered get the picture.

• Co-Ed Bathrooms

These are great finds while on the road or in airports since you can both go in comfortably and have some fun. Be sure to bring those clean up tools and try not to touch anything but the sink - easily covered with your hand towel! Quick and fun.

• Forest Oasis

Pull to the side of the road where there is a quiet forest with a lot of tree coverage (extra fun to do in the snow) and walk out a bit to find a good spot to lean up against a tree for some standing doggie style. Enjoy the fresh air on your bum and bring along those wet wipes!

• Be Adventurous

It may not always be comfortable, romantic, ideal...but it is fun and breaks up the trip in a great way. It lets out some pent up energy, gets your juices flowing, bonds you and makes some great memories for a happy voyage!

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