Extraordinary Ways to Propose!

So you are finally ready! Or maybe you were ready a long time ago and just needed the right time, or ring, or .... proposal. Well we understand! The way someone proposes to their love is personal, catered to the personalities of each other and a once in a lifetime event. But...if you need some ideas to get your juices flowing, or just want to read some awesome proposals in history... then read on!

1. Surprise by Air...

Many proposals come in form of 'air surprise'. They either have an airplane fly by with a banner stating 'will you marry me?', jump out of an airplane and deliver the 'package' with a proposal, ask the question floating in a hot air balloon, have the ring and question delivered by drone or remote control helicopter and even use messenger pigeons!

2. Surprise by Sea...

Some proposals come on the water, via a Coast Guard vessel (if you are lucky), on a yacht, a cruise ship, floating in a canoe, at the end of a white water rapids trip, floating upon a 'wishing fountain' or written across an umbrella when you are taking a walk in the rain...

3. Surprise by Food...

Tucked in the whip cream of their favorite dessert after a cozy dinner, tied to the string of her favorite chocolates tucked in a silk bag, at the bottom of the picnic basket, attached to the wine opener next to her favorite wine, the possibilities are limitless!

4. Surprise by Nature....

Hanging from a tree in the back yard with candles and flowers, placed in a bouquet of flowers, tied to the top of a bamboo good luck plant, inside a homemade igloo all romantically decorated in the snow, up in a tree house, wrapped around a cluster of herbs at farmer's market, deep inside a romantic tent in the woods while camping, nestled in the middle of tall grass with a soft bed and pillows for a cozy hiding place and so many more!

The idea is to get creative, be inventive and use what is around you that makes an impression of truly thinking of them and what a lasting story and memory they will tell. Good luck!

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