Romantic Ideas on A Budget

When you are on a tight budget, like most of America is...being romantic can get tricky when you are trying to express just the right way you love the other person by acts of thoughtfulness. Many times we get caught up in the idea of fancy dinners out, trips across the country and exotic dates like the ones you see on 'the Bachelor' or movies. However that is not reality and what really counts is what you put into it.

Here are some budget friendly ways to be romantic without all the flare and dent in your pocket!

1. Find some old magazines and cut out words describing your love. Cut out pictures that remind you of them and who they are to you and put them all together on a collage piece of paper. Present your artwork to your other half and enjoy the sparkle in their eye as they see what you see in them.

2. Remember back when we used make mixed tapes for our crush? Well now we are a little more advanced but the idea is still the same...put together a playlist for them on their iPod or burn a CD with all of the romantic songs that make you think of your love for them.

3. Take them on a short blind-folded walk into the park where you have a picnic basket set up with a lunch you made and their favorite treats and drinks. Un-blind fold them when you get there and enjoy a private homemade meal out in nature.

4. Set up your living room with candles and a great playlist on your music device, invite them over in their 'dancing clothes' and clear a spot for a romantic evening of letting loose with both fast songs and slow ones.

5. Take out a piece of paper and write on little strips all cut up truths and dares for you to do with each other all night. Example of 'truth' "Where did you first have sex and with who?" Example of 'dare' "I dare you to show me where you best like to be kissed"...

Romance does not have to cost an arm and a leg, just a little imagination and some quality time!

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