When they are sick, how do you show you care?

How your partner shows you how they care for you when you are sick can say a lot about their personality, the way they would care for your children or pets, and how they will nuture you as you grow old.

When you sneeze do they say 'bless you'? When you have a strong cold do they pick up soup, popcicles, kleenex, medicine, your favorite drink...all of those items that not only help you get better, but make you feel thought of, cared for and loved. What kind of signs do they show you that they are not afraid to sacrifice a little time and effort to make you feel better?

Being a caring and loving partner takes more than just being there during the 'healthy' times, it means being there for the rough ones too. Here are some ways you can nuture your 'inner nurse'.

• Grab a list and get to the store.

Ask your partner what they need to feel better...a magazine to read, some sport drinks, extra soft tissues, a hot pack, etc. Write it down and take note for next time so you can delight them with your memory and thoughtfulness.

• Ask often with a smile.

"Is there anything you need?" should be coming out of your mouth often and with a soft smile. Hot tea, a cough drop, an extra pillow,...making them comfortable shows you are thinking of them and they are not forgotten even though they are sick in bed.

• Follow up with the meds.

Be their clear mind while they are in a fuzzy state by remembering when they need to take their medicine, how much, doctor appointment visits and doctor's orders.

• Lots of TLC.

When you are sick no one wants to get near you but that is when you need the most affection. Remember to give hugs, back rubs, strokes to their hair, just any loving touch that reminds them that they are loved no matter what and you aren't going to let a few cooties keep you away from showing that. Wash your hands when you are done of course... ;)

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