Back to Health Class - Top 5 Common STD's To Protect Yourself From

We have all been to health class back in the day, but most of us have not brushed up on our STD facts since then! Have you been doing your yearly check up? Are you using protection? What do you truly know about the most common STD's?

Well we are here to remind you why it is good to be safe and not sorry. Here are the top 5 STD's that are hitting clinics all over the world.

1. Chlamydia

Noted as one of the most diagnosed STD in clinics this bacteria is easily spread through unprotected sex through the vagina, penis and anus. The symptoms range from burning or pain during urination or sex, a foul smelling and discolored discharge, to no symptoms at all. So make sure to get tested if you are having unprotected sex with multiple partners, or if you have found your partner unfaithful. It is only cured with antibiotic treatment.

2. HPV

HPV is not curable but it can be treated or go away on its own. It is spread with or without the breakout of fleshy warts on the genitals and the vaccine is recommended to young women and men between the ages of 11 and 26 years old. There are over 30 types and it is said that everyone who is sexually active will have some form of it by their adult life. The virus is spread through vaginal, anal and oral sex or just skin to skin contact. It can be as mild as an occassional outbreak of warts to cancer. If you have not gotten the vaccine for this then make sure to get tested and practice safe sex.

3. Herpes

The other virus that is associated with warts is Herpes and is the most well known sexually transmitted disease. It is another non-curable culprit and can be easily spread by skin to skin contact that isn't covered by a condom. It is mostly known as HSV-2 which is catagorized as painful warts or blisters around the genitals, but there is also HSV-1 which is on the mouth and can also be spread by oral sex. Herpes outbreaks can be managed with medication and are less likely to spread when warts or blisters are not present.

4. Gonorrhea

This bacterial disease is treated with antibiotics like Chlamydia and is known for the puss that drips out of the penis shaft or the vagina. It can also affect the anus or the throat. Gonorrhea has been known to resist the antibiotic treatments recently so treatments are fast and double the strength. It can cause inflammatory disease and cause infertility. If you have any symptoms go to your doctor at once and get tested and treated. It is spread like most STDs, with sexual contact of the skin.

5. Syphillis

This is a complicated disease and shows up in four stages. The first are sores that just look like harmless bumps, then it goes into a full body rash, then open sores on the mouth, genitals and anus, and lastly nerve and organ damage. This bacteria is treated with antibiotics as well and the sooner the treatment the better the results. If you are pregnant and have syphillis that goes untreated, your baby can come out deceased, you could have a miscarriage or your baby will die as an infant with the disease.

So main point, these are real and they are in the most trusting of people so make sure you are protecting yourself and being smart about your health. HIV among other harmful STDs are also out there and it only takes one hot mess of a night to get you that positive result.

So take care!

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