When is the right time to go to counseling? Right now.

"I don't need a stranger telling me about myself!", "We are fine, we can work it out.","I don't like talking about my feelings!", "We are not crazy, so we don't need a shrink."....

Just some of the misunderstood statements that come out of people's minds, are often just ways to block what you are already trying to push down.

Counseling isn't just for "sharing your feelings" although that is a nice perk! It gives you TOOLS to handle situations, baggage from your past that leaks into your current relationships, family issues, stress from work, sexual tension that is 'taboo', and many other things you wouldn't even think affect your relationship as a couple but it does!

Working through it is what makes relationships stronger, reveals your inner desires and opens up communication to the person you are in love with. Being open, honest, humble, realistic, loving and forgiving are all traits of really caring about someone. Many times you will hear "well I never knew that, why didn't you tell me?" because they don't feel safe expressing it. Not until there are tools in place, a common interest in making things better, and a counselor to refer back to... can that open expression happen for many people.

It is not your fault, or the other person's fault, it is a combination of events, memories, insecurities, self-doubts and many other factors that can contribute to stormy weather in relationships.

Even if you are 'great' it never hurts to talk out things you need to express. It doesn't hurt to learn how to cope with a narcissistic ex or kids that sabotage new unions. It doesn't hurt to find out you do need a scheduled date night and that chores can wait, or sex can be emotional, or that love can be multi-dimensional. Being a healthy person brings healthy opportunities, healthy choices moving forward and a better quality of life!

So give us a call, send us an email, message us... we are here to make your life, better.

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