Quiz- What Sensual Plant are You?

There are many amazing images in nature that look like sensual parts of the human body. Trees, flowers, parts of the earth and other natural displays of what we see as the erotic parts. What do you think of for yourself when you see nature? What do you see yourself as, what do you invision? Do you see the small opening of sweet nectar from the honeysuckle, the large prickly mass of a passion fruit, or the crawling vines of wisteria clinging to whomever you meet? Here is a fun quiz to see where you fall and what it all means!

1. When you talk to new people are you:

A: Open and thoughtful

B: A bit of mystery

C: Locked down and critical

D: Wild and free

E: Dramatic and exaggerated

2. When you are in a relationship what do you like to do after sex?

A: Snuggle and spoon

B: Hold each other tightly

C: Go make some food and watch a show

D: Lay around naked and listen to music

E: Try something new and different sexually...again

3. When you envision a romantic date you see:

A: A night of culture and fine dining

B: A movie and a walk in the park

C: Romantic? That's not for me

D: A festival and camping

E: Dancing and a wild concert

4. If you had your ideal pet it would be:

A: A mellow cat

B: A cuddly lovebird

C: A poisonous snake

D: An active dog

E: A strong stallion

5. When you travel your favorite thing to do is:

A: Explore the museums and art of the area

B: Stay in and read a good book

C: People watch and make fun of them

D: Be active in nature or the sea

E: Go out and explore the nightlife and party


If you picked mostly A's

You are a serene and open Calle Lily, You are sensual and soft, you have deep thoughts and a light and caring soul that craves intellect as well as the finer things in life.

If you picked mostly B's

You are a mysterious and subtle Tulip that shows glimpses of your sensual side but prefer to keep your life private and your days simple, cherishing what you have.

If you picked mostly C's

You are a strong and prickly cactus with a few beautiful blooms seasonaly when you want to express yourself but mostly you like your independence, your own opinions and you don't conform.

If you picked mostly D's

You are a wild and unique Orchid that can have many different colors and designs expressing your inner free soul. You prefer nature, adventure and have a flare for the creative and spontaneous things in life.

If you picked moslty E's

You are a spicy Peter Pepper, always ready to go and live a little on the edge. You like to exude your sexuality boldly and you are big and expressive with who you are and what you want.

If you got a mix...

You are a garden variety and can change with the seasons depending on your mood, the person you are with and your current moon phase of your life's journey!

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