You know they love you when...

When you are a couple and you have been together long enough to know and love that person's every quirk, you are then a working couple! You know that they do those weird, gross, strange, funny or unusual things...and you love them anyways!

Here's just a few to remind us that we are human and loved!

You know they love you when..

- You leave the toilet seat up for the 25th time and they kindly put it down for you every time with a sigh.

-You fart right in the middle of that quiet and suspensful part of the movie and they just ignore you.

-You do a happy dance everytime you get a new follower on Instagram.

- You sing to every song you know on the radio in the car on every road trip.

-You sneak into the bathroom every morning before they do and spend a good while on the toilet before they have to take a shower.

-You are addicted to several app games on your phone and must access them several times of the day to keep

your teams from going down in ranks.

-You make every meal asking them what to make, how to make it and when it's ready.

-You laugh at inappropriate times during conversations with your friends because you aren't listening and you just thought of something funny.

-You kiss your dog several times on the lips with multiple licks and then want to make out with your partner.

-You never ask for more food going out because you know you will just eat off of their plate anyways.

-You snore horribly throughout the night and they still find a way to sleep with you.

-You kill every plant on accident in your garden because you can't grow things and just keep buying new ones so the yard looks green.

-You find strange role playing in the bedroom exotic and they are okay with you being a turtle and them being the hare.

Too many quirks to even cover in one blog, but you know they love them and thats all that matters.

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