Sexual Fetish...Top Ten Common Thrills

Have you ever wondered why you like to like toes so much? Or maybe you really love thrill sex, like bungee jumping naked and having sex at the bottom of a long cord upside down? Well even if you don't, it is still interesting to know the top ten common sexual fetish turn-ons for people. Some may not sound common at all, but among fetishes...anything goes!

1. Feet

The long toes, the short ones, the graceful shape along the side of the foot, especially slipping out of a high heel or a silky stocking, covered in oils or maybe whip cream... this fetish has people all a glow for feet! They like doing anything with them...use your imagination!

2. S&M

This is commonly seen in books, movies, television and is mostly known for leather outfits, straps, gags, paddles and other 'playful' dominance toys that give one lover power and the other pure submission. This is a trust fetish and is often exhibited when in life the person feels they have no power, or have complete power and want the opposite in bed.

3. Exotic Feeding

Exotic sushi, monkey brains, rare fruits, insects, you name it. If it is edible yet a little dangerous, this fetish has the excitement associated with the textures, anticipation and sensuality of feeding the other person. Food can be felt on the body, the lips, smelled and then fed slowly to their lover.

4. Blindfolds & Masks

This fetish can play into any other but it is the main source of their turn-on, not being able to see or being masked in something so that they feel anonymous. This can either be a submission fetish with a blindfold, or give the person a feeling of power by feeling like they can be someone else.

5. Baby

Wearing diapers, suckling a bottle, suckling a nursing partner, acting like an infant; these are all traits of the baby fetish. This role-play has one partner acting completely vulnerable and being cared for as a baby by their lover.

6. Vampire

Teeth implants that look like fangs, white or chalky skin, dark hair, vampire culture rituals, biting, blood play and other erotic vampire role play is the main draw to this fetish. Both can be vampires or one can play the victim while the other is the devourer.

7. Get Dirty

This fetish takes dirty to a new level by having sex in the mud, ripping clothing, having sex in jello, smearing make-up, messing up hair and clothes, anything to make the sex raw and messy.

8. Dolls

Obsession with a fake person such as a doll, statue or mannequin is a fetish where the person 'has sex' with or looking at the doll person and is in love with it, making it the exact fantasy they want as their perfect partner. Sometimes this includes dressing it up, doing its hair, driving around with it in the car, talking to it about their day, etc.

9. Furries

This fetish involves dressing up as a furry animal such as a fox, rabbit, raccoon, etc. in full furry costume with a head piece that completely covers the person's face and head. They resemble a large version of a furry stuffed animal and have many different styles. There are furry conventions and furry clubs that are not sexual, but the fetish that is lets the costume expand into intercourse and foreplay.

10. Thrills

Jumping from airplanes, bungee jumping, hang gliding, big wave surfing, zip lining, and any other thrill adrenaline pumping activity puts this fetish into extreme sex. Either during or right after the activity is what completely turns them on and they can't get enough!

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