SEXTING. How to arouse through technology

The art of sexting is not to reveal it all. This is where many go wrong with the allure of the whole buildup. It will not work to just send a photo of a naked part and expect to get a "Woooo!". Well some may...but most see those types of images everywhere, on TV, on movies, internet, art, etc. The whole build up is to draw your lover in, to keep them curious, excited, fully engaged and then when you see each other...BAM! It's a wonderful end to a heightened day.

So here are some tips on how to change up your sexting game and really take it to the next level.

1. Take photos of places you want them to nibble on.

This could be a picture of right behind your ear, your collarbone, your navel, the inside of your wrist, etc. Keep the photos artistic and alluring, don't reveal too much and describe how you want them to care for that particular spot with soft details and how it makes you feel.

2. Break up the texts into parts instead of one long paragraph.

Start with partial sentences that leave a little 'hook', wait a minute, then add the second part that really turns them on. Example:

"I want to feel your strong back under my fingertips, your deep groan in my ear and ..."

Send and Pause...wait for it

"{Insert high sexual content HERE}"


3. Build it up with some mystery.

Text hints to what you are going to do later, where, how and why with pictures, parts of emojis, clips of youtube videos, etc. Get creative and don't spell it out, just give them some assumptions. That way they can run with it in their imagination and you can be flexible while getting inspired!

4. Let them be interactive.

Ask questions, have them take pictures in the office bathroom, do a 'body scavenger hunt' where they have to text you things like a picture of their lips to their coffee mug about to sip! Go back and forth like a game and make it a challenge. Let the 'winner' get a massage first when you meet up or an even better prize! {Insert high sexual content HERE}

5. Keep a sense of humor!

You may be turned OFF by what your partner texts back, you may see some not so pretty pictures, you may get some TMI graphic photos back...nobody is perfect! So keep a sense of humor, be gentle, tell them in PERSON what really turns you on, give them some direction and be patient. Sometimes text communication can get way into left field so make sure to keep it light and have fun!

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