Pets & Pick Up Lines

You have seen it, a guy with a puppy accidently lets it lick an unsuspecting lady reading at the park, then she laughs and the guy goes up to her with the perfect in for a start up conversation! How do people use their cuddly, adorable pets for pick up lines? Check out some of the funny ones we think will do the trick!

- Dog on the loose in the park.

Your dog likes to play Frisbee? Chase a ball? Or is it just super trained? You can throw the toy or coax your dog to go to that special someone you spotted at the park and accidently get it a little too close. The dog is in and you run over to apologize for the interruption. Oh, while you are there, introduce yourself, smile and offer your number for an 'I'm sorry' coffee date.

- Dog loves your Dog.

You see a hottie with a dog as well. Trot over with your pup and see if it's friendly, have them smell each other while you check out their owner and get to know them. Offer to take a little stroll together since your dogs 'like each other'. Stop at a cafe to grab your dogs some water and lunch while you're at it!

- Cat on a walk.

That in itself draws attention just because you don't see it everyday! If you decide to take your cat for a walk on a little cat leash, you are bound to get some eyes on you, and if that good lookin' person whom also is a cat lover happens to be on your trail/area you can 'accidently' let your kitty get close so they can give it a nice little snuggle while you introduce yourself!

So go ahead, use your cuddly friend for an ice breaker and get to know that crush you have been eyeing. If they detest your bff then you know it's just not meant to be!

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