Best Wine for Your Date! Reviews. Are. In.

Whether you shop at the grocery store, your favorite wine bar, deep in wine country or just the liquor store, you are going to want to know what wines are best for your date night! What kind of food are you serving? What is the mood? What do you like in a wine? We can pair you up with a little something for everyone! Kat Slay - Paso Robles, CA Wine Country | Blog writer, former tasting room server and wine lover! - What wine goes best with pizza? "A heavy Chianti, Sangiovese, Tempranillo or a spicy red Zinfandel. Your budget is what pays the final bill, but don't go too cheap on these Spanish varietals or you may end up with heart burn from high acidity. Try to get a blend and make sure that pizza is super cheesy!" -What wine goes best for desserts? "If you are doing a cheesecake or something creamy go with a Champagne, sparkling white wine, Riesling or a Moscato. The crisp bubbles will compliment the heavy dairy. If you are doing chocolate, always go for the late Zinfandel which really brings out the cocoa." -What wine is a 'crowd pleaser' if I don't know my date too well? "Go with the wine you like best! That way you can bring out the traits in the foods you will be serving, confident it will go well with the dish. Red wine drinkers typically go for a Cabernet or Merlot with meats, a Rose' or dry white wine goes best with fish, and Chardonnay goes great with chicken or pork." -What wine do I get if I am not a huge wine drinker? "Go with something similar to what you prefer to drink. For example if you like fruity cocktails, go with a fruity wine such as a Riesling, a Rose' or a Moscato. If you like beer go with dry crisp wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. If you are more of a bold Bloody Mary kind of person, go with a spicy Cabernet, Tempranillo, or Pinot Noir." -What wine will impress them? "Go with what makes you, YOU. If you like local and support organic, pick up a local winery varietal that is made sustainably. If you are into fancy name-brands, go with a popular brand that is expensive. If you are kick back and don't really care, just get something that you heard tastes good. Be yourself and let the wine be a part of that." Cheers!

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