How to get frisky in tight quarters - positions for small spaces!

Whether you are in a phone booth, a small bedroom, your laundry room or your car...having sex in small spaces can be fun, exciting, and...difficult! Sharp corners, low ceilings, little beds, rigid chairs; there are all kinds of obstacles when you are confined to a tight space! It isn't for that standard missionary position, that's for sure! So we came up with a few creative techniques to get the best out of that small space.

1. An airline bathroom. (any)

Well this is a very tight space and you have to be extra stealth to get both of you in there! We say, the best way is to stand, pants down or skirt up... from behind! Hold on tight because you don't want to rock too much, more of an up and down motion. Running the water helps, and don't forget to flush the toilet when you leave.

2. Fold out bed. (man & woman or woman & woman)

Whether you are a guest on the futon or in your camper, the fold out bed can be small and stiff. Try the scissor position where one person is standing or crouching against the edge of the bed, while the other person is lying back down with their legs scissored between yours.

3. Small room with appliances. (any)

This could be the backyard shed, the laundry room or any other small space with a large appliance! The laundry room is fun because one person can sit on the dryer while the other person either enters or pleases them while standing or kneeling down! The hum of the washer and dryer are good background noise and can heat things up!

4. Office at work. (man & woman or man & man)

You are working overtime and you get a surprise! Your lover is there to make sure you take a 'break'. Your office is small but can be private in your little cubicle and there is no one else there...

The chair makes a great prop in this situation because you can either kneel on it and grab the back rest to have your partner enter from behind or your partner can sit in the chair facing the desk, hold on to the edge of it and let you ride away!

5. Top bunk bed. (any)

You are visiting your family for the holidays but all that is available is your old top bunk bed in your childhood room. No sweat, the best position for low ceilings and a small space is the spooning position. One person is behind spooning while the other is happily holding on- or you can maneuver into a 69 position and please each other like a yin and yang symbol on your sides! Or both.

Anyway you end up, there is a creative solution and we wish you happy trails on your 'small space' adventure!

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