Wedding Tips for Same Sex Couples!

We know there aren't a lot of magazines or shows out there that highlight same sex couples getting married, but now that the laws have changed we wanted to shed some light and fun on a few tips that could make your wedding sparkle!

1. Whatever should I wear?

This is a question that many same sex couples ponder over...who should wear what? Our tip is to go get something that makes you feel...dazzling! Whether that is a suit, a dress, a uniform or a ball gown.. Just talk to your partner and agree on colors and style theme, then go get what makes YOU look good.

2. Who comes down the aisle?

Should she come down the aisle or should she come down the aisle? This is a question that can get confusing if you both want to, or you both don't want to! Our tip is that whomever has family that really wants to take them down the aisle, or whomever feels more the part should walk. So that could be one of you or both of you! No one ever said somebody has to be waiting, after all both sets of parents are giving away their child to the other person and weddings can mean both of you walk from opposite ends of the ceremony and meet in the middle!

3. Love or Aunt Hilda?

Many families have that one person, their "Aunt Hilda" so to speak that doesn't approve of your union but is family and therefore others insist that they come. Our tip is that you choose love over Aunt Hilda. If you invite anyone who talks negatively, put a bad vibe in the air or judges you on your special day, they don't deserve to be there, family or not.

4. Kids or no kids?

Kids are fun and they can definitely add life to a party, but if you don't know them well and they are brutally honest and outspoken like most children, then keep the list short to the parents you know are open and loving about your union and will explain to their kids why love is love. Kids are influenced by the people around them and their parents point of view, so keep that in mind when selecting your family tables and keep it fun and light!

5. Rings, rings, rings!

This a very special topic and our tip is that you pick out rings that make you think of your love and you know you will wear it forever! There are men's rings that look great on women and vice versa, precious stones, new metals, simple bands, stackable bands, and so many new options with stores like Etsy and online jewelry shops! Take your time in picking out your rings and get what you LOVE - whether that is traditional or non-traditional, as long as it is meaningful to you and will last a long time!

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