5 Most Beautiful Places to have Sex in the World

We all know there are several places to go all over the world that are absolutely amazing. So many nature spots, resorts, fun adventures and gorgeous views! So we mixed together our top 5 for great places to have sex! Beautiful, safe, majestic and in a friendly country!

1. Mamanuca Islands, FIJI

Who can resist Fiji? The beautiful, warm water, great tropical food and drinks, plenty of fun things to do and some beautiful places to make love!

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2. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Every one has imagined staying in a Castle! The elegance and grandeur of it is tingling to the senses and makes you feel like a piece of Royalty for a small time! The beauty surrounding it, the amazing rooms and beds, the service..how could you not have amazing sex here?

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3. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

This place looks like it is straight out of a Jules Vern novel. The surreal cove has crystal clear water, numerous caves and caverns and secret places on the sand for a sexy roll! Just pick one of the many romantic nooks along this beach and make some memories!

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4. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Covered in majestic waterfalls, lush forest and tons of trails, this National Park is not only beautiful but adventurous! Pick a spot under the trees, the water, along the shore or any of the beautiful nature spots offered around this magical park.

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5. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

If you are more of a 'let's get cozy' kind of person, this resort is perfect for you! Nestled in a heated glass igloo, you have a cuddly bed with a clear ceiling of the Northern Lights and the falling snowflakes. There is tons of snow play available, reindeer rides, great food and friendly people here! So snuggle down and make some magic of your own!

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