Levels of Commitment - Which one are you?

Commitment is a different animal for everyone. Some of us like long term forever, some like casual and frequent, others like to build up to stages as we age...so which one are you? Do you know if you are a certain type of commitment or non-commitment type of person, or does it depend on the person you are with? Here is a little break down to help you decide:

1. Love, Marriage and the Baby Carriage -Committed

You are in love with love • You imagine yourself growing old with someone • You feel empty when there isn't someone to share your life with • You take pride in caring for your partner • You need security and the knowledge that they will never leave • You need the financial stability of a partner always in your life helping with daily expenses • You want to share children together or have a child with them

2. Lets Try out This Train -Semi-Committed

You are committed for the ride but can get off at the next stop if you need to • You look for commitment in ways where you aren't fully entwined in your partner's life • You find having separate bills and finances better so you can split when you need to • You will live with them but not put your name on paper for anything together • You will tolerate their kids but don't want children together • You have most of your body in and one foot out the door

3. Separate Canoes Please -Barely-Committed

You don't have any interest in sharing anything but dates out with them • You live separately and have your own bills • You have your own friends and rarely hang out with them and your partner at the same time • You like being together when it is convenient for you • You care for the other person but have not dropped the "L" word yet • You still have a wandering eye and think about other people sometimes • You like your alone time

4. Ya, I'll call Ya.- Still Thinking about Being Commited

You don't like having to be accountable to the other person • You reach out when you are ready but not out of consideration to the other person • You have fun with them but are not ready to put any label on it • You often flirt with other people and are ready for other dates if they should be 'better' than the gig you have • You have no plans of being in a serious relationship • You are still deciding if you like them • Things they do annoy you • You keep most of your dates chill and on the down low • There is NO social media posting here!

5. I Kiss the Wind - Not-Commited

You date numerous people • You don't date at all • You don't really think about the future or being with someone • You live in the moment • You pursue your lusts and passions • You are very independant • You take your time getting back to a date • You like to travel and move around a lot • You seek adventure and freedom • You are single, always

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