Dating for the Ages | Ideas for Every Stage of Life

Dating is a wonderful outing we set aside from our busy week to give that special someone our quality time. Dates don't have to be streamlined and monotonous just because there are common dating scenarios. For every stage of life, there can be different types of dates that make aging wonderful and adventurous with your spouse.

Adult Youth

Go out to different clubs, dances at the local pub, indie theater performances, late night coffee poetry readings, after hours concerts, tapas dinner at three different restaurants (also called dinner hopping), attend gallery showings with wine tasting and live music, go to a theme park and ride the roller coasters, take a train up the coast and stop in at the hole in the wall places to explore, try surfing together or take life drawing class together!


Go out to brunch and then try some golf together afterwards, try paddle boarding together or canoeing in your local water way, take a dance class on tango or salsa, cook some new recipes together and taste test each other's creations, go wine tasting and have a picnic in the vineyards, go for a bike ride along the beach or around town and visit all the bookstores, get coffee and read to each other from some steamy novels, give each other massages in bed and watch an old movie while eating your favorite treats, go to a comedy show and laugh!

Older Adult

Go for a sunset walk on the beach or in the forest and take photos, look up your dream vacation online and make a vision board about it with a goal to get there, have a dinner party at your home and play some board games or charades, take a road trip for the weekend and camp somewhere romantic and majestic, go to a show Vegas style and get dressed up to the hilt, go spend a day at the spa together and share some down time, go watch a live fight and root for your favorite warrior, go to a sports game and be festive, take a cooking class together and learn some new techniques.


Go see a band you love, take up a hobby together, plant new things in a garden or flower bed, take a writing class together and write each other love letters each week, go on a cruise, travel the world, take the train to your favorite bed and breakfast, go on a ferry ride to the sea shore, spend a day walking the boardwalk or a scenic trail, try some wine tasting and plan a new recipe with your favorite type, see some shows in Vegas, read to each other a love story by the fire, play your favorite board game and do some betting with your favorite treats, go see an outdoor play and cozy up under a blanket, go 'park' to watch the sunset and bring your favorite take out dinner, go through your photo albums and listen to your favorite music, dance slowly in your living room by candlelight.

Many if not all of these dates can be done at any stage of your life! You are as old as you feel and everyone has different ways of sharing memories, expressing themselves and different stages of energy! Find some that suit your relationship and try it out, you may be surprised that you like something you never thought you would!

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