Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Partner 2015

Christmas is only a week away! Many people are still shopping till they get to Christmas Eve though, especially with so many choices...but what is hot for this year that is sure to win your love's heart this Christmas? Well besides you! Here are some fun ideas that will keep you out of debt but will be sure to delight!

1. Sex Toys

Woa! Yep, we just jumped right in and went there.

Grab some fuzzy handcuffs, some vibrators, some lube, some edible massage oil and that body wax candle for a feast of sexual goodies! Surprise!

2. Tickets to a Concert

You can get some great seats for a great price to see some pretty wonderful music! Pick a band that you both will love, buy up those seats and plan to take the night off to have a great time together.

3. Classes

You can buy cooking classes, yoga classes, spin classes, dance classes...just pick what your partner loves and grab a class pack or a class credit and send them off to learn, sweat, dance...whichever their heart desires. If you want to make it a bonding experience, join in as well!

4. A Game Pack

Whether this is a pack of card games, board games, dice games or video games, pack them together and throw in some popcorn and candy. Make a date for game night once a week with just the two of you or with friends and let the good times commence!

5. A new Gadget

We had to throw this in here because there are just too many outstanding creations of technology coming out that can truly enhance your relationship. Since there are way too many to just squeeze into one, here is an awesome LINK to Popsugar's top 16 gadgets of 2015! Check them out...our favorite is the stylish wrist cuff that tracks your fitness, alerts you of your phone notifications and can also send out an alert if you are being followed!

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