Meditation : Good for you and great for sex!

When life is buzzing around you, a million times an hour, your head can be anywhere else except present. When you are trying to be intimate and have a connection with your partner, the focus can be very blurry when you are not in a peaceful state of mind. So what can help you stay in the moment, create a sacred space in your mind to absorb the feelings and memories you are about to make, and get you REALLY in the mood? Meditation. Meditation is not a prayer per say, or 'lifting out of your body' or anything else that can be labeled. It can be something that is not connected to any religion or belief system, that anyone can do at anytime, and can be extremely helpful for your state of mind. It has been around for centuries and is associated with health benefits, mental benefits and spiritual connection. To meditate, is to sit quietly and block out everything around you, to focus on your mind's eye while your eyes are closed, to breathe rhythmically and to completely relax. It can show you colors, images, words, or just let your thoughts wander and sort out everything you need to process. It can give you visions, ideas, resolutions, epiphanies and just blank space. When you practice meditation you gain the ability to focus, the strength to zone in and to zone other things out. When you are having sex, this is a very positive tool. It can be more important than the act itself because you are there, in the moment, and truly focused on everything that is happening. You can listen better, read body language easier, feel more and truly have a passionate connection while making love. It helps you put aside those bills, what your friends are doing, the dinner you want to make that night, etc., and think only of sharing that happy moment and truly enjoying it. Try finding some mediation music, cutting out time in your daily schedule to focus on it, and make sure you don't have any distractions. Keep a journal of what you felt or saw while you meditate so you can get that much more off of your plate and out of your head. Make it a ritual for better health and a better sex life

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