Ways to Stay Together...Even When They Annoy You!

Ultimately you are in love with your best friend right? You have dated, you have traveled, you have moved in together and you have gotten past the stage where you are now comfortable and things are going along great. However, there are just some things that really annoy you! They can build up, they can chip away at your closeness, they can drift you a part and they can be..just things that you accept and live with. Here are some ways to help bridge the gap between really letting the little things build up, or just letting them slide into true love. 1. Bad Habits. Say your partner snores, get earplugs. Maybe they chew with their mouth open, sit on the other side of the table and focus on their eyes. Say they fart in public..well maybe that one should be worked out..but you get the point. If there is a bad habit that annoys you, talk to them and tell them it is something that grates on your nerves and it would be really helpful if they could try and stop. While they are doing that, gentle reminders are a good way to keep it in check, (not nagging) and positive solutions to things that are out of their control so there is a happy medium. 2. Stop Saying That! Maybe your partner always has a saying or a word that they say over and over again, or an annoying voice when they are talking to their friends, or they say something like "That's what she said" ALL THE TIME. These are things that maybe they think are funny or witty but you can't stand it one. more. time. So sit down and have a conversation about specific sayings that really get you going and make sure you let them know it isn't them that annoys you but what they are saying, and the fact that it is repeated too much to the point it is now old. Gentle reminders or body language can help them keep these words zipped shut. 3. Road RAgE! There are a lot of backseat drivers out there, and a lot of really bad drivers. When you are in the car there should be a 'pilot and co-pilot' rule that keeps you from being annoyed and keeps the peace for a safe drive. Maybe they drive too close to the driver ahead of you, maybe they nag at you for every little thing you do on the road... the point is there can be equal ground here. He agrees to stay back from the other driver if you stop nagging at every turn. Come to a compromise so you both feel at peace and road trips can be fun. 4. Eeeeeeew. Bad hygiene or nastiness is never fun and can be very annoying. Whether it's trimming their nails, putting on deodorant, picking their nose in public or scratching their junk, make sure you communicate what you really cannot bare and why. Maybe it is something that has to do with germs, manners, or that you are just grossed out, just let them know in a nice way that it annoys you and to please keep up with their health and hygiene. 5. OVER, the TOP. They are big, loud and obnoxious and you have had it with their flashy ways. It can be annoying when they have to be the center of attention, spend hours on their hair and makeup, yell out the window, cuss in church or whatever the trigger is! Part of their personality that you do love is their outgoing and bubbly nature so try and let them know that you really like that part, but not the other ones. Find a common ground on what you can stand and what they feel is realistic. Maybe they can limit their primping to 45 minutes instead of an hour, or they can bring you into the conversation, limit their cussing, and stop yelling out the window. Ultimately it is about being honest and not letting things build up, but also about being kind and delivering that message in a loving way. You do annoying things too, so do some give and take, have some grace and forgiveness and always have some tissue on hand if they start going for that nose!

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