Why Never-Ending Dating is So Important

When you are in a relationship, or even just looking for one, dating is a very important ingredient in not only finding the right person, but also in keeping the relationship fresh and growing.

When you stop dating and you just become roommates, or you don't do anything together except for daily functions, or sitting on the couch watching TV every night, then you get bored, the growth stops and your happiness suffers.

The biggest problems for couples that stop dating are usually lack of funds, lack of creativity or lack of time. When these issues block your ability to date, it can become frustrating, you can start to drift a part and the intimacy starts to become dull and uncomfortable.

However if you want to have the quality time together that brings deep conversation, lasting memories and a greater bond, then you need to make the time to fit it in. This could mean coming home from work early one night a week, making time on your weekends, ditching one of your weekly workouts, setting up the babysitter once a week or even every two weeks, etc. The point is to readjust your schedule and your budget to fit in date time!

Mix up your dates and do things that are fun, daring, different, unique, or just sit in the car at the beach and eat tacos. There are so many options that don't have to break the bank or require a ton of effort. The point is that you made the effort to see each other and have the needed time to keep your relationship strong.

Ultimately you need to keep the friendship open with communication and your sex life consistent to keep confidence, joy and affection a regular feeling between the two of you. Be honest and have an open mind about ideas and listen to what the other person is feeling. These are the moments you discover new things about one another and can bring down walls or barriers that may have been building up.

It is difficult to have an open heart discussion or really get intimate when you have distractions at home such as chores, technology, kids, pets, the phone ringing, your regular routine calling, etc. If you can set all those things aside for time alone or even on group dates, you will be happier with them and happy inside!

*Check out our other blog posts on dating ideas if you get stuck!

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