Getting Perspective, Retreating Away...

Sometimes we just need to be alone. That is a broad statement, but when you are always around people, you can't miss them! When you are constantly giving out, you are drained of giving. If you are never really reflecting, you lose perspective.

Getting perspective in a relationship is what grounds us. We see the other person through new eyes and can appreciate, or realize things about them that you couldn't up close. Retreating doesn't mean running away though, it means taking a step back to see the big picture and assess just where you want to go next.

Retreats can be as simple as having some time alone everyday at the beach, on a walk, at a coffee shop or they

can be as extensive as a trip away. Sometimes when you go visit family, old friends, or just travel, you meet people or talk with close connections that can help you see your relationship in a new light. You may even observe others and be able to either gain wisdom from what they do or understand what you don't want in a relationship.

Retreats can also give you much needed rest, relaxation and time to dive into your own thoughts so that you can make up your mind for yourself. What do you truly want in life, what kind of support partner do you need and how do you want to live out your years with them. What is the true meaning of a healthy, happy union, and is that something that you have?

It is a time for writing, art, reading, listening, being with the person you are all by yourself. The person you want to be, that can be happy on their own. Does your partner add to that joy, do they make you a better person, do you have a complete and satisfying feeling when you are with them? Do you miss them?

The questions and answers you don't have time to think about when you are always going, going can be easily answered when you give yourself a quiet moment. Try it.

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