How to Deal with a Breakup..

So you have broken up. It is done and you are in mope-ville. Or maybe you are jumping for joy? Either way, we have some tips to get you back on your happy feet again!

1. Go work out!

Not only does exercise get you 'single ready' but it relieves stress, helps you get out bad emotions and makes you feel great about yourself! So go jog on the trail, do some yoga videos, or do a wall sit while you scroll social media! C'mon, you can't hide under the covers forever!

2. Friend dates galore!

Instead of dating, schedule at least one friend date a week. Then you can still dress up, go out to eat, see a movie, go on a road trip,...use this time to catch up and have some fun! Who knows.. you may hit it rich in Vegas or at least meet an Elvis impersonator.

3. Rock a new look!

Now that you are single, you are your own stylist! Who cares what anyone thinks except for YOU! Try a new hairstyle, get some different clothes, grow a beard if you are a guy and if you are a girl, try a new makeup look or some different kinds of updos. Explore in the land of fashion! Its a fun land, we promise.

Whatever you do, give yourself time to be alone and heal. Remember that in order to be in a new and healthy relationship, you must first be a whole and happy person to attract the same. You also need to give yourself time to mourn the 'death' of your past. Get out all of those negative feelings and make some room for new memories and a better future with someone else.

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