Your Senses Are Reacting! Does it mean love??

So you have noticed your senses are firing off! The little tingles, the butterflies, the hot flashes, the sick tummy...does it mean you have the flu or are you falling in ...LOVE? Love has a funny way of telling us when we are falling down deep in it. Our senses also tell us when we need to run away, or step back and evaluate before we rush too far in. Here are some tips to help you know if you are feeling the feeling!

1. Every time you see them, you get giddy.

This could be a broad smile, butterflies, flutters, joy, a surge of energy... but every time you see them, you feel good. You feel like the day is brighter, you become lighter and you are just happy.

2. You feel the caring bug.

You get softer when they are around, you feel more compassion, more mercy, you have a caring heart for them, you want to get them things, you want to give them the bigger piece, you just have a soft spot now.

3. Your sexual desire has more depth.

You don't just have a sexual desire for your partner, but you have a deeper intimacy with them, you stare into their eyes and feel a connection, when you kiss you have an energy transfer that is emotional, when you hold each other, it feels peaceful and secure and you want them, you REALLY want them.

Trust your senses, listen to your heart and if it all makes sense in your head, go for it. Love.

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