Breaking down the walls! How to be vulnerable to your partner.

Trust is a big part of our relationships. Being able to trust the other person and let them into our deepest, darkest parts; the ones where we feel vulnerable, can be challenging. This is the case for both our emotional walls and our sexual walls. We have hurts buried in both places that can keep us from having a fully engaged, open and trusting bond.

So how do we break down those walls and let our inhibitions go? How do we trust and be completely vulnerable with our lovers? The first step is communication and patience. These two things are very important when you are starting to expose the soft places. Talk about what you need, how you want to go about it, and what hurts have caused your doubts or hesitations from your past. Open up and be honest, but be sure that this is the right time and it is with the right person. If you get the response you are looking for, the patience you need and the walls start to crumble, you know you are on the right path.

From there you will want to start trying new things. Take baby steps if you must and be vocal about where you want to go with it and how fast you are willing to go to get there. Maybe you want to set up alone time to talk through the past, secrets you have never shared or experiences you had that are hard to express into words. Maybe you want to slowly try new things in bed that will bring your trust level back, as you experience each new thing, you can feel more confidence about your partner being able to guide you into a trusting sexual partnership.

As you keep breaking down these barriers it creates a strong bond, it will tie you together and it will let you be more free with not only doing more with them, but in being happy and able to express yourself without fear. You will gain a new healing that you thought you couldn't have before and you will realize that you can move beyond your past, your hurts and your fears into something beautiful.

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