Creating a Memory vs. Grinding Through Your Day

We have all done it. You look back at your week and you can barely remember what you did, if it was important, if it was...memorable. You and your lover have been grinding through the days, just existing and finding a way to reach the end when you have dinner, do the bills, the chores, watch TV, etc., go to sleep, wake up and do it all again. When you first made love, did you think about it over and over? Can you remember the first time in detail? Usually we can because it's new and exciting! When you started wooing one another did you do special things, plan special nights, wear special outfits? Think back at the memories you used to create and how all of those added up to your relationship. When things get a bit dull, or monotonous, it is time to start creating the 'memory' again!

1. Keep your style fresh and your swagger on.

Just because you are comfortable with each other does not mean you just let it get ALL comfortable. You still need to freshen up your hair, your clothes, your style, and keep yourself feeling confident and your lover intrigued. Walking in and them saying 'woooowww' and having that memory stick is a great way for both of you to start the day or end it!

2. Do something different once a month!

Try looking through the events paper in your town, local hotels, college events, live theater, festivals, or whatever you can find and do something that you have never done before once a month. The new adventure will intrigue you, whether you enjoy it or get a good laugh, its a fun story to tell and you are making important ties that bind you together and make life fun.

3. Make the little things count.

Leave a note on the bathroom mirror, a note under the pillow, make their lunch and add a special treat, spray their shirt with your scent so they smell you all day, send flowers to their work, sing them a snapchat or do a countdown to a fun date. Just add that little something that creates special 'inside memories' and creates an eventful day. It all adds up to big points and broad smiles...and some hot sex!

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