The Elephant and The Donkey...What to do when your politics clash!

One thing we tend to learn as adults are a few things about manners; never talk about politics, religion or weight on a first date. Or exes...don't talk about those either! But what happens when you start dating someone and you find out they have different opinions about politics than you do? Do you have heated debated discussions? Do you wear blue while they wear red during debate season? Do you dump them right away? Its one of those hot topics that are hard to ignore when you know that some things just can't be agreed upon. Or in the words of 'Anchor Man'.."Agree to disagree".

Here are some helpful tips to help you save your relationship and your political beliefs while election time is around.

1. Limit your social media intake.

When election season is around, you will see all kinds of hype about one thing or another and it isn't always true. The internet likes to ramp up little stuff and everyone and their mother has an opinion. Go to the true facts, find out the real story and do some digging yourself on potential candidates. Then you can have an educated 'nice' discussion with your partner about what you are supportive of.

2. Find the middle ground.

There are always points of view that you will both agree upon when you are in a healthy relationship. Like minded people are drawn to one another based on your foundations and view on life, so find what you both are passionate about, agree that it is a good place to start and build from there. You may have a difference of opinion on other things, but as long as you can stay together while having differences in many things you like, it shouldn't be a problem.

3. Remember who you are.

Don't forget why you are passionate about those topics you have heavy on you heart. You are a unique individual with a bright mind and many educated points that you feel are logical, moral, or in other ways true to your heart. Remember that they are with you for a reason and part of you is where your values lie. Be open minded but also do your own research and know what you are talking about. Don't take their differences personal, but remember that you are attracted to them for a reason too and come to a calm place to be individuals, but together.

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