Breaking the Patterns of Relationship Failure

In a relationship, in a relationship and then in a relationship...but they keep failing. Do you ever wonder why you are a serial dater, or why all of your relationships end in a crash and burn? Many of us blame our schedules, our jobs, our upbringing, our crazy friends or anything else outside of ourselves, but sometimes it is us that needs the remodeling. Our tips for breaking these patterns of failure may work for your relationship rehab!

1. Are you emotionally ready for commitment?

Commitment means getting through the tough times, the highs and the lows of being with someone, of communicating and being open, of having the maturity to be confident in yourself and having balance in your own life. Commitment means you are in it, you have both feet in and you are ready to make it work. You may think you can handle it, but there may be some things you have to work on in your own heart first before you can move forward with it.

2. Are you attracting the right person?

Take a good hard look at what you are attracting, who you are attracted to and why. Are you clinging to people that are immature, charming yet mean, abusive yet apologetic, jealous, rough, etc. ? You may have some issues with co-dependency, with feeling insecure in who you are, or have the need to be with someone you feel better as a person around because they are not on your level. The key is to be a healthy person inside and have your partner be on the same level as you so you are healthy as a couple in mind, body and soul.

3. Are you respecting your relationship?

Many times when we start to disrespect the other person the relationship starts to fall a part or vice versa. You may not approve of their profession, maybe you hate their friends, maybe they dislike yours, they don't make enough money for dates or for you to live on, they can't keep a job, they are mean to their mother...whatever it may be. When those types of issues pile up it is hard to work through them but if you communicate and let them know that you are losing respect for them because of it, it is a step forward in letting it out and easing the tension in yourself, voicing how you feel, and possibly seeing the change in them that brings your respect back for them, or their respect back for you.

There can be many other things that contribute to a failed relationship but we can help you work them out and keep your bond if you are willing to try. Give us a call and schedule a free consultation!

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